Low Cost Solar LED Lamps


Street fairlamp

Bottle fairlamp

Wall fairlamp

Focus on Security


The aim of the project is to show villages of the Global South how a sustainable and affordable street light would be implemented. This way we increase safety with a special focus on women´s needs. Various prototypes with pre-configured or bare electronic parts have been assembled. Functional extensions include a siren, which reacts to a specified volume of noise (screaming) or a local Wi-Fi, which allows exchanging files without access to the Internet

Prototype 1

Street fairlamp


The streetlamp is to be installed in a public (if there is surveillance) or in a private area. The mounted siren reacts to a specified volume of noise (screaming), which only works when it’s dark outside. The solar panel generates electricity over the day, which ensures a sustainable and affordable source of light after sunset


Street fairlamp
  LED   50W 4000-4500K
  Solar Panel   12V 22Wp
  Battery   Li-Ion 6,4V 9Ah
  Extensions   Scream detection siren 98dB  
  Montage   PVC 4m 110/75mm
  Material costs   ~ € 250.-
  Time to assemble     1h + 3h siren


Prototype 2

Bottle fairlamp


The bottle lamp can be also used outdoors, and can work as a flashlight. It is easy to assemble from basic components


Bottle fairlamp  
  LED   1W
  Solar Panel   6V 1Wh
  Battery   Li-Ion 3,6V 2Ah
  Extensions   optional colored LED  
  Montage   hook or wire
  Material costs   ~ € 20.-
  Time to assemble     2h


3D printed bottle hook (ABS)

Prototype 3

Wall fairlamp


The wall lamp is ready-to-use cheap LED lamp including a solar panel. It can be easily mounted on any surface


Wall fairlamp  
  LED   5x6 grid SMD
  Solar Panel   5,5V 0,55Wh
  Battery   Li-Ion 3,6V 2Ah  
  Extensions   motion sensor 
  Montage   1 screw/nail
  Material costs   ~ € 6.-
  Time to assemble     1/2h










Street fairlamp montage

drilling a hole with water

PVC pipe 110mm / 75mm

rainy weather

higher and higher

hands-on work


Bottle fairlamp

bottle fairlamp with interruptor

How to make a bottle fairlamp

Re-use a water bottle to create an outdoor lamp. Automatically switches off when sun is shining and battery is being loaded.

Parts needed
Solar Panel 6V 1Wp
Battery Li-Ion 3,6v 2Ah
LED e.g. Rebel Star opulent
Resistors 1k, 10k
Diode e.g. 1N4004

The MOS-FET used here minimizes voltage loss compared to transistor shown in video. This results in a brighter light with same energy use.



Bottle fairlamp circuit diagram


Technical Guide

Assembly instructions